Managing your child’s Special Education

needs can be challenging.

Maureen Tabari Special Education Law can help.

Image of Teacher helping student learn

“I believe all students can learn when they are supported appropriately. ”

Federal and State law entitles children with disabilities to a free and appropriate public education. Maureen Tabari can:

  • Protect your child’s civil rights
  • Evaluate your case and explain how the law can help your child learn
  • File due process complaints when your child’s unique needs are not met

IEP and 504 plans are legally binding documents for provision of services between the school district and the parents. Maureen Tabari can:

  • Walk you through the legal language and procedures
  • Attend eligibility and school meetings
  • Carefully review all documents
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the plan throughout the school year

Special Education learning is a delicate partnership between parents and schools. Maureen Tabari can:

  • Work with the school to identify opportunities that will help your child learn
  • Effectively advocate or negotiate on behalf of your child
  • Review the cumulative educational file
  • Strategizing on how to determine appropriate goals, support and services